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About us

Zeeland Maritime Cleaning and Van Hamburg Cleaning have been working together since 2019 to offer even better services.

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Industrial &
Maritime Cleaning

Established in 2007 in Vlissingen (NL), Zeeland Maritime Cleaning (ZMC) specialises in maritime cleaning. Using vacuum trucks and high-pressure cleaners, ZMC cleans seagoing and inland (tanker) vessels inside and out.

Van Hamburg Cleaning (VHC) has offered a total solution in industrial cleaning, services and waste processing since 1932. Based in Spijkenisse (NL), VHC offers various industrial and maritime cleaning services to a variety of sectors. The partnership with Zeeland Maritime Cleaning (ZMC) began in 2019. This made maritime services even more widely available across the ARA region.


We are dedicated to providing the best solutions for industrial cleaning, waste management, transportation, storage, and processing of hazardous substances. We do this for the petrochemical and vegetable oil industry, tank storage, (semi-)government sectors and the maritime industry.

  • Tank storage for (hazardous) waste
  • Special washing area for carrying out various cleaning activities
  • Certified liquid-tight paved outdoor area for storage and transshipment
  • Covered storage area and sheds in accordance with PSG-15 guidelines for storage of packaged hazardous waste


VHC and ZMC comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We feel very strongly about quality and safety. Within the group, we have obtained the following certificates.

All our employees hold diverse certificates, including VCA-Basic/Full, Respiratory Protection AB, SIR High Pressure Sprayer (HDS), SIR Pressure/Vacuum Machine Operator (DVM), SIR High Pressure Machine Operator (HDM), Manhole Watch, Aerial Work Platforms, and flange fitter.

We are doers, thinkers and problem solvers

We offer service, flexibility and teamwork. With motivated staff, excellent equipment and personalized communication, we are always available to provide the best solution for industrial and maritime cleaning.

Zeeland Maritime Cleaning B.V.
Engelandweg 33 | 4389 PC Vlissingen-Oost
+31(0)118 484 038

Van Hamburg Cleaning B.V.
Lorentzweg 15 | 3208 LJ, Spijkenisse
+31 (0)181 612 166