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Meeting all safety requirements

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VHC and ZMC’s wide range of services is made possible by our in-house equipment. Our custom-made equipment is checked daily to meet all safety requirements with corresponding certificates .

Vacuum trucks
(10-35 m3)

With our vacuum trucks, we can easily suction up waste materials and products and subsequently transport them or dispose of them if desired. This can be done for both wet and dry (liquid) substances. Examples include emptying and/or cleaning storage tanks, installations, waste pits, septic tanks, pipes, sewers, etc.

Dry-material trucks

We use dry goods vehicles to transport (hazardous) goods and waste in accordance with regulations.

Sewer combination trucks

Several vacuum trucks are equipped with a high-pressure pump, making them ideal for cleaning sewers.

High-pressure units (250-3,000 bar hot & cold)

Our high-pressure units can take on both hot and cold high-pressure cleaning jobs. The units are easy to transport as trailers and can therefore be used virtually anywhere.


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Managing Director
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